I. charliebrown download or lyrics

     II. soitgoes download or lyrics

     III. trebuchet download or lyrics

     IV. Baltimore download or lyrics

     V. firecracker download or lyrics

     VI. shadowfalls download or lyrics

     VII. aristocracy download or lyrics

     VIII. nine download or lyrics

     IX. inanotherplace download or lyrics

     X. windscene download or lyrics



all songs written and performed by ben kennedy.

additional vocals on “aristocracy” by freeman tabony.

additional percussion on “shadowfalls” by matt kennedy.

wind scene” written by yasunori mitsuda.  (from Chrono Trigger)

written in Harrisonburg and Williamsburg, VA between November 2001 and April 2003.

recorded in Williamsburg, VA between November 2002 and April 2003.


released on june 25, 2003.


thanks: theresa, katie, lily, mandy, michelle, lindsey, celeste, betsy, chris, jack, sean, ian, evan, salem, dan, jay, ben, andrew, mike, kevin, forte, jeff, rachel, kelley, holly, lisa, ryann, laura, devan, isaah, kate, ashley, lauren, audrey, jamie, issel, asif, mary kate, and julia.


very special thanks: mom and dad, melissa, emily, jimmy, megan, rebecca, freeman, matt, lee j., wes, redBus, ro-mo, nathan, kaveh, david, and rick.


thanks for listening.